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Ashmore Arts:

We incorporate a community style work place that brings together some of the countries foremost sculptors and working artists, works are designed to your specifications or made to suit the environment. All ideas are welcome.

Mark Trinham:  (click for web site)

Sculptor, musician, painter.

Glenn Romanis: (click for web site)

Sculptor, stone and timber artist.

Glen Hunwick:  (click for web site)


Stewart Guthrie:  (click for web site)

Commercial Art.

As part of our services we offer commercial art 'made to order', by design and to your specifications.

Garden Furniture: 

Red gum settings, garden features and sculptures and off course a Trojan horse if your up for it!

Slab Timber Furniture:

Timbers such as pine, jarrah, red gum, oregon and reclaimed timbers such as old wine barrels, wool store beams and fence palings are all used to create the 'old world look' with the integrity of today.      


Tables and legs can be made from just about any material imaginable, timber, steel, concrete etc. Designed and delivered to your specifications and deadline.