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March 2011

 (12th Edition)

Wow, it has been sooooooo long but heaps has happened in the world of wood that I generally inhabit. Where to start, well the best place is right here at the web site, it's all new as of March 2011 and all that we are about is here, all up dated and exciting, doing some great stuff and more projects in the pipeline. So stay tuned and check back. 

Regards Stewart Guthrie


March 2007

 (11th Edition)

Hi all well we do make em', check out the a portable circus ring for the Anglesea Circus Troop, it was a very interesting project and surely did test my high school maths!!! We also have anew Wine Barrel bar or servery, (pic on left) perfect for cellar door sales and home use. Regards Stewart

NOV 2005

 (10th Edition)

We are bursting with orders at the moment, (always room for more) as yet again Christmas looms large than life itself!!

Update: We have added another 3000 square feet of under cover work space so we can continue to expand our services with boxes and furniture, storage is no longer a problem so for the long term orders we can now stock items for you and deliver 'Just in Time'. 

Done: Promotional boxes for Concert promoters and Corporate take overs (of the world) seemed to be popular around June this year, must be something in the air. (click for pic)

Scanwood the kitchen utensil company placed an order for 10 display stands and then came back for another 50! All with wheels so it was nice and simple to move them around the shed. (click for pic)

Done----seems our digital camera is DONE FOR, temporarily. Hmmm! Frustrating.

Doing: We supply Wine Justice (click) with their display units and counters, Jim Richardson has now something like 8 retail franchise shops operating in Melbourne and Geelong and there are more coming, he has a formula that seems to work extremely well for wine and giftware sales.

The reach of the internet never ceases to amaze me, we are supplying customers both big and small in some of the weirdest places like Mt Isa and all the way down to quite literally 3 km's away, and they all find us on the net!!

Thought of the Newsletter: If my 11 year old daughter Tess Guthrie has the 'guts' to do this (click for page) then what are all us grown up's waiting for; Christmas!!  She strutted her stuff in the Australian Idol Junior competition and got all the way to the grand final in Sydney! Go girl!! Talk to you soon.

Regards, Boxes Crates and Cases.

OCT 2004

 (9th Edition)

Don't you love election time, October 9 is fast approaching if you like the Howard/Bush push you know what to do, if you like the Latham lingo you could go that way too, but if you don't like any one the donkey vote will do!!

Christmas again, what can I say! Busy, busy, busy! If you haven't sent your order through yet please consider doing so ASAP, so no one is disappointed.

Update: The wine barrel items are selling very well, popular with the vineyards at the cellar door, home shops and liquor retailers. (click for page)

Boxes are still going strong , we had an unusually busy January to April (no explanation), and the Winter months brought in again the early Christmas orders.

One of or more peculiar jobs was to make some small 'promotional coffins' (shiver, shiver) the slogan was: 'The old way's are dead' (click for pic)

Done: We were commissioned by a local couple to make some 'high end' tables for their dinning pleasure. This was a big step for us, from boxes to cabinet making is quite a leap (for us at least!).(Click for full story).

Doing: We have some good news, in Jan 2004 the local council granted us a permit for an Art and Craft centre . We will be expanding into more garden/outdoor furniture items. The new gallery will be part of the Boxes Crates and Cases factory and is to be called: Ethos Torquay. 

Ethos will be a show room (paddock area) for outdoor tables, benches and art sculptures by local artists. The paddock has been shaped with mounds and 600 trees planted along with an acre or so of lavender. Should look great in a few years! (click for some table pic's)    (click for outside pic)

Web site will be available in the new year. Will keep you posted!

Thought of the Newsletter: Not too many thoughts this time around, too busy making boxes! Talk to you soon.

Regards, Boxes Crates and Cases.

OCT 2003

 (8th Edition)


Well it's been awhile since our last news letter and for very good reason, we have been rather busy with the Christmas orders this year .

Update: Last issue we introduced our new range of wine barrel items, I am happy to say that they are now selling in 3 states at around 40 outlets and . (click for page)

Our first sale through an Art Gallery, Eagles Nest in Airye's Inlet, Victoria, has now qualified us to label ourselves as Artists!! Our Cypress Pine side board (click for pic) unit was sold in September, as was another small wine barrel table (click for pic). After making boxes in volume it's kind of peculiar to trade in the Art circle! What a funny world we live in.

Done: We were asked by a local designer (Buzz Sands) to work with Wathaurong Glass and make the first prize trophy for the Billabong Teahupoo (pronounced: chow poo) World Title Surfing competition in Tahiti. (click for pics). As you can see from the pictures the wave and the base was made from sculptured glass to recreate the 'mood' of the water in Tahiti. Our role was to assemble the glass on a timber base and create a memorable transport case. This was a very interesting project, extremely delicate work but the final outcome was well worth while. Kelly Slater (USA) now has the trophy, presumably on his mantelpiece! 

Doing: Well we asked for it!! Last year we started making boxes for a hamper company in Sydney (lets call them Mr Christmas), 2,500 units as an introduction to the market. This year Mr Christmas came back with a vengeance!!

The main order was for 18,000 units, this was no problem, timing was fine etc, etc, then about a week before the completion of that order, Mr Christmas rang and said "We'd like another 14,000". After picking myself up off the floor, I went directly into Oh my Goodness mode!! I did the ring around to check that the suppliers could cope, all could except the timber man, I actually heard him swear under his breath when I ordered another 16 kilometres of timber.

150 pallets in total, (7 .5 Semi Trailers), over 1,000,000 nails (staples, brads), nearly 40 kilometres of timber (plantation pine) lots of people, hours, sawdust and noise. This has been a big job for us and we are very close to completion, so the boys are planning a few pub meals! (My Shout!) Every one has put up with alot and put in 110%, so I guess they deserve a free feed.

Thought of the Newsletter: We have recently set up a web page on a local site if you want to check it out (click here). We would also like to apologies to any clients that have been inconvenienced by delays in supply over the last two months, Christmas is here, we are stocking heavily at the moment for the pre-Christmas blitz, if you require boxes please lets us know ASAP so you don't miss out. Have a good day, as always.

Regards, Boxes Crates and Cases.

JAN 2003

 (7th Edition)

Happy New Year too you all, well it's been a long time since our last newsletter, reason being: A major 're-vamp', we are going through Boxes Crates and Cases like the Australian Cricket Team going through the English! The reasoning for this is that we have been in the new shed for a year now and with our increased capacity we are adding a whole new range of furniture and household items.


New: We are incorporating steel, recycled wine barrels, slab timbers, concrete etc. to make a range of furniture that is 'artistically orientated'. We have called the new range Stew Art. (click for page)

Our first chair, the Otway Autumn Cruiser (click for pic) was designed for and inspired by a local retailer who saw the potential in outdoor furniture. The 'Slab Timber' style table is designed for deck areas or outdoor use and addresses the interest in 'designer' gardens (click for pic).

Overall we will be adding to this range over the coming year, items such as:

Any suggestions are welcome, and naturally we will still be doing made to order items for specific projects.


Mercedes Benz are bring out a new vehicle called the Maybach. (very slick machine). We were contacted to make the promotional boxes for the launch: Jarrah, velvet lined, brass fittings, dove tail joins and laser engraving were some of the features. (click pic1) (click pic2) (click pic3).

Overall last year we saw a major increase in wineries that we now supply boxes to, both local and interstate, and mainly small to mid size business wanting a new look for their boutique wines.

June last year we started making 2,500 12 bottle boxes going to the Hunter Valley for export to the US. As luck would have it, in the last week the heavens opened up and our fork lift could not load the semi's. Our local heroic farmer saved the day by loading the trucks in the paddock, with his 'all mud conquering tractor!' (pic1) (pic2)

Doing: A new range of Liquor Retailers Boxes (LRB) in Packing grade timber, this range will be approx 20% cheaper than current LRB range. We are introducing this new range to to offset a price increase in the current LRB range (click for new price list). The difference in the packing grade timber will be that the inside of the box will remain 'Rough Sawn', internal bottle slot dimensions will be 300 mm x 90 mm x 90 mm.

Thought of the Newsletter: What can you use an old wine barrel for? Well we have come up with a whole new range of interesting idea's. The end result is Side tables, wine racks, trays, platters, fruit bowls etc. all from old Red barrels (click for page). More barrel products will be released soon so stand by; in the mean time, we have no idea what to do with the steel hoops from the barrels so any idea's give us a call! Good day.

Regards, Boxes Crates and Cases.

MARCH 2002 

 (6th Edition)

National News:  With the revelation that our defence chiefs find it difficult to decide if children are happily swimming in the ocean or have been 'thrown' there purposely, perhaps we could get the airline industry to advise on the matter. Perhaps throwing passengers into an ocean of turmoil while the 'Airline Shuffle' plays live and loud through the media is a good way for the public to be grateful for having an airline industry at all. And perhaps when all the corporate manoeuvring is complete the public will be happy to pay greatly inflated prices to enjoy a free salad sandwich and orange juice at 33,000 feet. My advice; buy Qantas shares and subscribe to the inevitable Virgin float!

Local News:  We have moved into our new premises at long last! Approx 4 times the size of our old factory and with improved storage, materials handling and general efficiencies we are looking forward to better lead times and in many cases reduced prices. With our move came a new forklift, reducing our packaging and freight costs. (click for pic).

Done: Samples, samples and more samples all the larger food and giftware companies are gearing up for xmas 2002, presenting concepts and idea's to the major retailers early so the orders are in the system well before the buying frenzy of December. (click for pic)

As part of our undying community spirit, we made an Alphabet storage box for the local kindergarten. If your bored (hopefully not) you can count the 26 slots! (click for pic)

Doing: Wine racks again, but this time a different version, 12 bottle racks in a modular format, designed by The Great Ocean Road Wine Shop this rack is a great promotional and retail item, (click for pic). You can contact Jim Richardson (click here) for wholesale pricing and orders, logo's can also be screen printed or branded on the racks.

Inserts/dividers for fruit juice transport, unusual but sturdy and they last alot longer than cardboard. (click for pic)

A wood box, well I know that sounds silly but this is a box for FIRE wood, actually quite a good concept out of South Australia, should be up and running for Winter 2002. (click for pic)

Thought of the Newsletter: Not to much room for 'free thought' at the moment, with the move too new premises, setting up the factory, and the wine industry coming into 'vintage season' we are busily preparing for a big year, so I shall hand the thought process over to you, if you have any comments, suggestions or opinions we can be emailed by clicking here.

Regards Boxes Crates and Cases.


 (5th Edition)

National News: Were off to the polls again! As one commentator said, "Timor, Tamper and  Terrorism", this I suspect strongly will have the Liberal Party singing "When Johnny comes marching home again hoorah!, hoorah!". Kim Beazley seems to have an uphill battle on his hands to even maintain some media coverage let alone to get his policies out in in the political arena, as they say, "a day in politics is a long time".

Local News:  Torquay is now the proud parent of a set of traffic lights, yes, that's right we now have an electronically controlled intersection, quite a big deal for a little county town, but that did not stop Jessica (not her real name) an Antarctic seal from having a snooze on her journey South a couple of months ago, sleeping on the grass section next to the main road on the beach attracted hundreds of school kids and locals over the day of rest. (click for pic)

Done: Export orders, well how about that! To all the people who said that a small Torquay company could not export boxes, well, we have news for you, we currently have a number of client in the US and Honk Kong who are very happy with the price and quality of their 'Aussie' boxes.

One order to the US went with FedEx, they have an amazing tracking system that lets you know where your parcel is at any time, for those who have used FedEx, this is probably boring but for us novices it was very exciting stuff! Although we only have our small toe on the international stage we are certainly doing our best to secure more export orders and see this as our future growth area. (click for pic)

Our Prime Minister gave a speech, (as prime ministers do), at some function in some location and received two bottles of wine beautifully packaged in one of our boxes, this box was a one off specifically ordered and made for the task, on two days notice I might add! (click for pic)

Doing: Wine racks, and lots of them, a 5 dozen bottle wine rack for display purposes in retail outlets around Australia, we are still in production so the finished pictures will have to wait! In the mean time you can check out a proto-type picture. (click for pic)

We have officially been granted access to power for the new shed so the driveway and fencing is in progress and the electricals will be in place hopefully by the end of November, this move will make a HUGE difference to our operating efficiencies, our current small shed is bursting at the seems and large orders mean alot of double handling and constant re-arranging of floor space. (click for pic)

Thought of the Newsletter: Ever seen a wine cask (the cardboard variety), in a box (the timber variety) well we have some good news for liquor retailers, we are now producing a timber wine cask box for 2 litre casks, that will retail for under $20, a perfect gift for the discerning 'Château Cardboard' drinker, they are available in Liquor Retailer Packs and soon we will add a box to cater for the 3/4/5 litre range of casks. We always give credit where credit is due and this idea belongs to our Production Manager, Gary Sanders in conjunction with Liarne Corke, as we know the idea is the easy part but Gary, being a box maker of note, saw the way to make the box viable in a production capacity. All the details and pics are on the Liquor Retailers Boxes page. (click through)

Again we bid you farewell until the next exciting instalment of our INTERNATIONAL (wow!) newsletter. Any comments, suggestions or opinions can be emailed by clicking here.

Regards Boxes Crates and Cases.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 

 (Attack on America)

Our first information was relayed from Gary asking if we had seen the news, "No, what's happening?". "I think you had better go a watch the TV for a while" was the answer.

As my young family fussed around getting prepared for school and kindergarten, the full horror slowly unveiled itself on CNN. We all sat in disbelief as the footage of planes attacking the World Trade Centre and the aftermath of the Pentagon attack repeatedly re-in forced the tragedy brought about by terrorism.

Tess, our seven year old daughter, with partial understanding of the events could only relate fully to the attack after we explained that something like 10,000 children will not be having a Mum or Dad come home tonight.

I would like to convey on behalf of my family and work colleagues our sympathies and condolences to all the families around the world who have lost loved ones, and to all the emergency services personnel and volunteers our admiration for dedication and courage in extreme circumstances.

The world will truly be a different place from this point on; hopefully for the better.

JUNE 2001 

 (4th Edition)

Liberal, Labor, Labor, Liberal how do you choose? Ahh; politics what a way to start the day. A new Australian budget has been released and I must say that if you want to dig yourself out of a political hole, a budget like this is a very big shovel! With the election looming, by years end we shall know who is charged with the responsibility of leading our great nation forward! (or backwards depending how you vote). 

Back to the local news. As an overall introduction, the rain finally started to fall. After four years of drought conditions we have some green pastures again, and hopefully it will stay that way for a decade or two. 

Over Easter in Torquay we had the World Surfing Titles again at Bells Beach and the weather and surf conditions were nothing short of spectacular, sun, surf and celebrations as the town of Torquay soaked up the excess tourist dollars.

Gary our 'Mr. Can Do' is very proud of his new home in Aireys Inlet, as a first home buyer his week-ends are now consumed with 'home maintenance programs'. We are still waiting for the house warming party.

Done: Interesting project award goes to Jim Richardson of Great Ocean Road Wines, he has fitted his new shop in down town, cosmopolitan, Torquay with crates for wine storage and display. (click for the page).

Pens, and nibs for those pens are something you wouldn't expect to need presentation boxes, but, we have recently done a run of boxes that has left us wondering why all writing implements are not treated with the same respect as calligraphy pens. (click for photo).

We pride ourselves on being able to 'make to order', we have had some strange requests, so to make a sliding door was certainly not out of the question but a little 'left of centre'. The design brief was: Gothic type, heavy looking, substantial sliding door with a touch of 18th century 'castle'. (click for photo)

Display racks for in store promotions seem to be hot at the moment, Organic Formulations and Star Stuff have both been ordering display racks and have reported significant  increase in sales as a result (click for photo).

Colgate (tooth paste) decided that a wine box would be appropriate for a small promotion they had in mind, personally I think that brushing your teeth with a Cab Sav is going a bit far! (click for photo).

Doing: We have a re-order of Silky Oak boxes for Katnook Estate for the third year running, these boxes are very expensive and classy so imagine what the wine is like! (click for photo).

Xmas is coming yet again and the quotes are flying out the door, crates, hampers, wine boxes, blackboards etc. etc. their all getting in early this year and it looks like we are going to fill our new shed (when we move in) fairly quickly.

The Liquor Retailers Boxes (click for page) are finding their way into many new establishments, seems like we have stuck a winning chord with retailers wanting reduced prices, lower stock levels and fabulous service!

Thought of the Newsletter: With reference to our last 'thought of the news letter' we have been working closely with Matt Roy (not his real name) who is actively exploring the possibilities of distributing wine boxes in the US. He is based around the Napa Valley area of California (wine region) and we have been trading information in the digital world exhaustively to maximise his chances of success. Hopefully with the next news letter I will report our first export orders. Good luck Matt!! 

As always, all good things must end, so until we chat again, we bid you farewell! Any comments, suggestions or opinions can be emailed by clicking here.

Regards Boxes Crates and Cases.


 (3rd Edition)

Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas cheer is upon us and all that is good comes forth!

We have had some interesting events lately, the GST (new Aust tax system) the Olympics and of course the US elections. Seems to me that the Aust Government used the US electoral system to create the Business Activity Statement! At least our government will still be operative if you fill out the form incorrectly.

The big news around here is that we are building a new factory to produce wonderful boxes. The excavation has started, at long last, and we should be up and operating by June 2001.(click for photo) We will update these photo's on the Workshop Photo Gallery page as the building progresses.

The new premise will multiply our capacity 5 fold with an additional secure storage area 8 times our current level.

We would like to welcome some new box people to our humble company and acknowledge the long standing staff members who tirelessly produce the best, most fabulous timber boxes, on time every time, day after day. (alphabetical order)

Done: Interesting project award goes to CAW for an Imperial Leather (bath products) promotional box that required some unusual sliding lid and window format. (click for photo). It's one of those boxes you need to play with to get the idea, but the photo will help!.

Volume award goes to Dalhousie for (to date) 9,300 units. 7 different items. (click for photo).

Different award goes to the local Torquay Toy Library that needed a display board, part of our community projects efforts. (click for photo).

Doing: Treasure chests seem to be big this year, currently running 100+ for a Video Entertainment Company. The chests will be filled with goodies that you can win in a competition, look out for it when it comes to your town! (click for photo).

Thought of the Newsletter. With the Aust$ running fairly limp against the US$ we intend targeting export markets over the next 18 months. Our quality and service are world standard, our production capacity is about to quadruple, so who knows I might see you on a Qantas flight in the new year! 

We have come to the end of yet another newsletter, any comments, suggestions or opinions can be emailed by clicking here.

Regards Boxes Crates and Cases.

MAY 2000

                                                                        (2nd Edition)

Hello, again. Well Easter has come and gone and our small town of Torquay  (Australia) was invaded by an estimated 30 to 35 thousand additional visitors. The three main attractions were:

1/ The Offshore Festival with around 22,000 rock and roll fans camping for three days and buying out the local supermarket.

2/ The Ripcurl Pro Surfing World Title event that saw the best surfer in the world competing as part of a world tour circuit.

3/ The third is the general Surfcoast shire attracting holiday makers in droves. Great for the area, as the whole coast basically survives on tourism.

Wine: As we enter the Australian winter months we find ourselves sampling boxes for the end of Vintage season. Vineyards requiring new and interesting packaging for the release of promotional and ongoing brands of wine seem to be experimenting with more exotic timbers such as Tasmanian Oak, Jarrah, Silky Oak and Ash. This of course means the boxes cost a little more but the end result is quite outstanding.

Giftware: Christmas 2000 is also coming into planning stage for the larger retailers. Sampling is starting and we shall let you know what the fashion, style and colors will be for this Christmas!!

Done: Two of the more interesting projects in the last quarter were 'Treasure Chests' (click for pic) and an exhibition stand comprising of 9 display tables, a tower (4 Metres) and cabinets (click for pic) . The treasure chests both large and small were for a promotion in a Tasmanian Casino, the idea being that the patron won a treasure chest full of gambling chips!

Doing: Katnook Estate re-ordered 350 premium quality  Silky Oaks wine bottle boxes. (click for pic) These boxes have all Brass fittings and name plates, rebated hinges, neck and base holders and finished with oil. (click for finished product pic)

GST: The new tax system for Australia, starting July 01/2000 will reduce the cost of our product to many of our 'end user' clients. The 10% GST will replace the current 22% sales tax.

Finger joints: Some people know this form of box construction as 'Dove tailing'. (click for pic). We are currently seeking a faster and better way to produce finger jointed boxes, general Dovetailing machinery is readily available but we are seeking a 'Job Specific' machine , which we may yet have to build, to speed up th process of finger jointing. The idea is to be able to offer you as a client the option of finger jointing at a reasonable price, we believe strongly that the Wine industry would much prefer this option of box construction if it was economically viable. The 'old style' finger joins are considerably more difficult to utilise in box manufacturing but the end result looks great! Please let us know if you have any idea's and we will keep you informed or our progress. 

That's the news for now, if you have any comments, suggestions or just want to drop us a line then click here to email us.

Regards, Boxes Crates and Cases.

JAN 2000 

 (1st Edition)

Well good morning (or afternoon) and welcome to  a new century!

Our news letter comprises interesting events and projects for the 4th quarter of 1999.

The first major event was that Boxes Crates and Cases moved premise. We were given notice of a re-development plan for our old buildings in  Sth. Melbourne and decided to relocate to Torquay approx 15minutes drive south of Geelong in southern Victoria. (click for a photo from the workshop)

Link to local site:

This relocation has saved around 2 hours driving time per day and consequently we get alot more done!

Our move to Torquay has brought with it some benefits that were quite unforseen.

Local Work: To our surprise we have already picked up quite a number of local business that require transport, retail and wholesale products, this has happened by word of mouth during our busiest time at Christmas. Our new advertising (due in March) should generate more again.

Local Workforce: As we have brought a new business and industry contact to a small town, the local labor is very willing  to participate in new and interesting projects. Local skills seem to cover a  broader range , which is great for us, our 'can-do' policy lands us all type of peculiar projects that need to be delivered yesterday! 

Storage Space: Our external storage area has increase more than 10 fold, this allows us to store and dry more timber in readiness for the high demand periods.

Lower Overheads: With lower costs we have introduced a new contract rate for on-going customers, this is roughly 20% lower than anything we have been previously able to offer.

The other benefits is that we spend alot more time concentrating on our main marketing tool. Our web site. This in turn exposes us to a larger client base distributed all over the country and allows us to service our clients faster.

The new Branding Machine has us all excited, it was finished around mid December too late for Christmas orders in 99. The technology is simple and efficient, the result has even surprised us, the details down to 2mm is very, very good and the overall effect is the classic brands that you see on imported wine cases.

That's about all for the moment if you have any comments, suggestions or just want to drop us a line then 

Phone: Australia, 03- 5261 9800

Mob: 0418 881 441

email: sales at boxescc dot com dot au