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All our wine barrels are 'The Real Thing' made from used red wine barrels direct from the vineyards of Australia.

We bring in the barrels, strip them down, re-surface, re-glue, sand and lacquer the beautifully wine stained oak to give you a premium product.

We also make wine barrel items to order so if you have any fabulous idea's you 'd like to see put into practise, give us a call or flick us an email and we can discuss the options. 

(all sizes are a guide only, please call for a price list)


Small Platter:           (400mm x 150mm) rubber feet, lacquered.

Large Platter:           (600mm x 200mm) rubber feet, lacquered

King Platter:             (750mm x 300mm) rubber feet, lacquered.

Square Platter:       (300mm x 300mm) rubber feet, lacquered.

Serving Tray:             (600mm x 280mm) rubber strip feet, lacquered.

Cheese Tray:             (Varying sizes from 300mm x 200mm) rubber strip feet, lacquered.

Tea Light Candle Holder (5 Candle, 750mmx 80mm)

Tea Light Candle Holder (3 Candle, 400mmx 80mm)


Phone: Australia, 03- 5261 9800

Mob: 0418 881 441

email: sales at boxescc dot com dot au